On the 21st day of July 1909, a deal was struck between  JOHN P. PETTYJOHN & COMPANY (a contractor/builder out of Lynchburg Virginia) and The Southern Railway Company (now known as Norfolk Southern), to build a Combination Depot at Norcross in the State of Georgia.  Rumor has it that it was for the sum total amount $4750.00...the equivalent of $303,548.00 in today's economy ! 
Having this depot back in the early 1900's put the city of Norcross on the map.  In terms of impact, think of a popular mall in the middle of a rural neighborhood.  The trains, now being able to stop at this station, could drop off essential goods (mail, food, construction products, etc.)  which increased the traffic to and from the small community.  

The Brunswick hotel was perhaps the biggest draw in town at the time.  It was three stories tall, with 29 rooms and a restaurant. Just a few steps away from the Depot,  it served as a vacation spot for the well-to-do families of Atlanta, and often (mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays) promotional activities such as live music and dancing attracted many.  Story has it that on a typical Friday evening, locals would dress up and walk over to the Depot to wait for arriving family and friends, or just to mingle.  The "Airline Belle Railroad" made three trips a day here, which allowed for the flourishing of the town.  

Unfortunately, the Brunswick hotel fell on hard times after the great depression and had to shut down in the year 1930 (the building itself was torn down in 1950 and is now "Thrasher Park").  The depot, however, still proved to be a vital part of the local economy, and continued to serve the community until 1959, which was the final year in which the trains made Historic Norcross one of their stops.  However, trains whistle by day in and day out and can be seen (and felt) inside the rustic, yet modern dining room. 
Eventually the depot was donated to the City of Norcross by Norfolk Southern in 1983. A few short years later, the citizens of Norcross allowed for the building to be rezoned into a food and beverage establishment.  We have decided that the building should retain its original charm and functionality of serving the local community and becoming a hub for visitors and residents of the Atlanta area, and the world.  

...So experience it for yourself ! 

The Crossing of Norcross